Flight from England to Australia is back on!

Michael Smith (appropriate surname!)  will leave White Waltham airfield, (not very far from the Smiths' departure point, Hounslow) on 12 November. Advances in aircraft since the Vimy will meant that he can be ble to make a leisiurely trip and be assured of being able to arrive on 10 December. (Michael is a very experienced long distance aviatior – see his website http://www.southernsun.voyage/  ) His new Sea Bear amphibian iis a s pictured. Full details can be found on http://www.seabearaircraft.com/aircraft/  and plans to arrive in Darwin on 10 December.  Northern Territory Major Events ( http://www.ntmajorevents.com.au/ ) are planning, in co-operation with the Dariwin airport and Aviation Museum.

Michael is curently bringing the aircraft to the starting point and making final arrangements, Watch http://www.southernsun.voyage/current-adventure for the latest information.

Plans to conduct a 'race' of high-tech aircraft from England to Australia were abandoned in April of this year, and more recetly Amanda Harrison, a highly skilled commercial pilot had to abandon her attempt to fly to Australia in a Tiger Moth. A compelling reason for the abandonment of both attempts is the political sitiuation along the traditional route. which meant that it is very difficult for short-range aircraft.

Michael's aircraft has a listed range is 1350 NM (1500+ miles) at a speed of 120 knots which gives him a good range of options through the troubled areas and to deal with weather. This opens up wonderful possibilities for safe routes, and the project could well be very successful.