For people interested in joining the proposed Darwin to Adelaide flight approx. 10 -23 March 2020.

Read this first, then go to to send your details or email direct to

Thanks for your interest. We are at an early stage of planning for this flight across Australia to celebrate the Australian section of the flight of the Smith brothers and crew and your early interest is very encouraging!

We are planning to arrive in Adelaide on Saturday 22 March; we believe that the various aero clubs, the History Trust and philatelic groups will arrange a major event on the following day and there may be some event on 23 March marking the actual 100th anniversary of the Smith’s arrival. A draft itinerary is below: the distance indications are very approximate (made by me) but Anthony Coleiro, experienced pilot and instructor, is preparing a more accurate plan.

To make things clear:

We (Aviation Historical Society of Australia, NSW Inc) are contacting as many relevant people as possible with a view to facilitating a flight by light and historic aircraft from Darwin to Adelaide. This will involve cooperation of many organisations along the route as well as aviaton groups. We have no resources to support participants or en route events. We have been working on this for about a year, and are encouraged by the results. Our plan is to have a decision by all concerned at the beginning of November as to whether or not to proceed. A key point will be the availability of contact people at each landing point to assist aviators  At the moment the response has been remarkable and it is hard to believe that the event will not proceed as forecast. We also hope to attract the attention of media people and ideally sponsors to cover the cost of all-weather escort aircraft.

Participating aircraft fly at their own expense and accept responsibility for safe flying.

AHSA will provide an itinerary that has been cooperatively determined (see draft). Also it is hoped that a flight co-ordinator will travel with the flight and that each leg of the flight will be cooperatively planned by the participants, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the pilot of each aircraft. It is important that safety is of the highest priority, not only for obvious reasons but because this event will put light and historic aircraft in the public eye.

AHSA will endeavour to publish a full account of the flight, recognising all participating aircraft, and also recognising the cooperative efforts that will go into any successful event. A statement of participation, suitable for putting in the log book, will also be provided to each aircraft. But basically you are participating for the fun of it and for the pleasure of recognising this important historical occasion in the company of other aircraft and like-minded people.

Draft Itinerary for Darwin-Adelaide flight March 10-22 2020