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Our main major project at this time is assisting with proper commemoration of the first flight from England to Australia, by Ross and Keith Smith, Wally Bennett and Jim Shiers in a Vickers Vimy aircraft. They left England on 12 November 1919, and arrived in Darwin on 10 December 1919. This won a prize of £10,000, but the adventure was not over. 102 days later, the aircraft reached the Smiths’ home town, Adelaide. They were held up by major breakdowns, and rapturous welcomes in Sydney and Melbourne.

The AHSA idea

AHSA NSW has formed a committee to support all efforts at commemorating the flight. Our our main aims are to collect historical material and to lobby for, and help as much as possible with, a commemorative flight from Darwin to Adelaide. Plans are well under way for a flight leaving Darwin on 10 March 2020. It will largely follow the route used by the Smiths, and will probably arrive in Adelaide on Saturday 21 March, with a flyover of Adelaide on Sunday 22 March. Monday 23 March marks the centenary of the Smiths' arrival in their home town.

We have a lot of interest in this flight, but still have to gain support in some of the suggested landing areas. However, everyone who has been properly briefed is enthusiastic, and we feel confident that within a few weeks we will be in a good position.

We are also co-operating with Michael Smith (no relation!) who is flying from England to Australia to arrive in Darwin on 10 December 2019, 100 years after their arrival in 1919. He will also accompany the Darwin to Adelaide flight scheduled for 10 March to 23 March 2020.